Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lake Cachuma Camping Trip - June 10, 11, 12, 2011

We've taken little motor boats on Lake Cachuma a few times but we never camped there.  Camp sites are first come, first served so spontaneous campers have a shot at getting a spot, as long as you get there early.  We got a lakeside spot with a fire ring and picnic table for $25 a night.  The weekend was filled with bike rides, fishing, canoeing, and messing around.

We rolled up on Friday morning.
Setting up the tent.
With some good help.

Noah and Hazel rushing the door to the tent/bounce house.

One of the main activities for the weekend - playing in the tent.  They also played when we had our sleeping bags and inflatable sleeping pads in.  Saturday night, I didn't realize I was sleeping on a popped mattress until the morning when I rolled on to a fully inflated one.  The difference was night and day - ROTFLMAO!  Sleeping on hard ground isn't funny until later.

Getting to some peaceful, quiet fishing.

Scratch peaceful and quiet.  This is family fishing.

Castmaster Noah.

This is what I was trying to catch.  Carp as big as horses...robust redhorses.  The county just opened Lake Cachuma up for carp fishing by bow and arrow.  That sounds like a better idea.  The carp sure weren't taking my worms.

Sara, Macolm and Carson stopped by for a visit on Friday.  Mandy holds Carson after Sara took some of his food, hence the sad face.

Hazel in an oak tree.  I snapped a photo before she had a chance to make a silly face.

There is the silly face.

She was jammed in there pretty good, and needed help getting out.

Saturday morning tree perch.

We took the canoe out on Lake Cachuma on Saturday morning.

And acted like pirates.

The Seda Scout canoe tied up at our lake side campsite.

Hazel up in the tree again.

On Saturday the whole Iza family visited.

The Three Musketeers.  Noah, Malcolm, and Hazel.

Noah and Malcolm playing in a gopher hole.

Mike and I went on a bike ride and saw this gopher snake.  A video of our discovery can be seen here:  http://timnburgess.blogspot.com/2011/06/lake-cachuma-scientists-discover-gopher.html

My favorite bike.  1984 Schwinn High Sierra.

Mike contemplates the backwaters.  You can see the trail in the background...we rode around the water.

Bradbury Dam overlook.

Western scrub jay on my handlebars - that's good luck!

Sara and Mandy then went and rode the same trail.  They said they saw someone who's sister's brother's father's mother saw a mountain lion in an elevator.  No, really a hiker told them that one was laying on the trail back there.  Mandy and Sara, both fully qualified animologists did not personally see it, but this is mountain lion country.

The four musketeers, Carson, Malcolm, Hazel, Noah.

The Titty Twister.  These people probably know how to party.  If you owned a big ass RV, what would you call it?

Happy campers settling in the tent for the night.
One more walkabout to check the sunset.


Hazel and Tim

I finally caught a fish.  It wasn't a carp, it was a bass and it was dead and nasty.  I let it go back in the lake.

That's it.